MY MS Story

Shayna Prince 27

I was diagnosed when I was 19. But I have been dismissed since I was little, I always had sinus infections and was always sick. But one morning I woke up and I knew something was wrong, my vision was blurry, like Lindsey I just shrugged it off as lack of sleep. So, I let it go as the week went on, my cognitive skills became worse. I couldn’t walk well, speak well, was running into things. I was supposed to start a new job that week but instead my mother took me to the ER. I basically knew what I had so I told the ER neurologist, due to that he did an MRI, and a spinal tap. The doctor told my mother that he found a white spot on my MRI, the first thing she asked him was if he could remove it. When he told her no, she almost passed out. After that night I was in the hospital for a week on IV steroids, the second day all you saw was the back of my head. I was referred to a neurologist, but it took a month to get in. When I was finally seen, I was put on Tecfidera like Lindsey and like her I had awful side effects. But I stayed on it until I was placed on cheaper insurance and the neurologist stopped seeing me (even though we were paying out of pocket).

Then I became married and moved to Virginia Beach, VA so I acquired a new neurologist who said “if you’re going to get pregnant Copaxone is the DMT for you”. WRONG! I was on it for six months and it just stopped working. Yes, I do mean just quit! I started with 2 lesions in my right frontal lobe, now I have over 40 all over my brain. I cried and cried my mother put it in God’s hands we were in and out of hospitals every two weeks for six months. At one point it was so bad I couldn’t walk, talk, I was urinating on myself. I was literally dying, and the hospitals would just keep me comfortable. Eventually my mother said if I don’t tell them to send me to Vanderbilt then she would walk out and leave me there alone. So, I told them to send me to vandy, and they did that day. When I got to Vanderbilt there was 15 neurology students around my bedside, I had no idea why. They were studying me and reporting back to 1 doctor remind you I’ve already fired 3 neurologists. So, I was very interested in learning about this one. I never saw him the whole time I was there, until the last day. I was finally able to meet the mystery doctor he’s an MS specialist that travels around the world. After Vanderbilt remember I couldn’t walk so I had to go to rehab then back to the mystery doctor’s office. His name is Dr. Pawate, well he put me on Tysabri which is the only DMT that has worked for me so far. Since that day I have been on Tysabri for 6 years and been in remission for 5. I owe Dr. Pawate EVERYTHING!

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