It was Fall Ya’ll

Model & H&M: Shayna Prince

Photographer: Ashley Brakie

It was Fall Ya'll

I had an absolute blast with this photo-shoot Ashley was so much fun to work with!

This was honestly my first photo-shoot back in 5 years. It was slow at first but pretty much ever since a few months back into modeling it was like I had never left.

However I did have to kinda remember everything which was very different, but it hasn’t really changed.

I have another photo-shoot the 3rd of April and I’m super excited for it because it’s a full body paint shoot. I’ve wanted to do one of those for a really long time!

Then I have another photo-shoot the 24th and the 25th of April two different photographers.

I try to stay busy through the weekend because I’m always so busy all week I can’t stand to be bored whenever I’m home.


Some of you might not know but I’m a dental assistant through the week and I model on the weekend.

I am traveling for all three of my next photo-shoots.

I hope you guys keep reading my blog and don’t forget to submit to my newsletter so I can keep you updated that way as well. I swear no spam.

XOXO  💋❤

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