Boudoir with Hannah Reed

I love boudoir, This is the first boudoir shoot I had done in 6 years. I wasn’t as shy as I am at most photoshoots. However, that’s what I started out doing whenever I started modeling.

I think sometimes I’m more creative with boudoir than other shoots. I don’t know why that is though.

I guess it’s because that’s what I started out doing and that’s what I’m used to. I’ve just got to get out there more and spread my wings.

But, I’m working on that at the moment. It just takes time and anything worth having takes time.



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I am 27 years old, this blog is about my journey with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) from the time I got the news when I was 19 until now. I have enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it.

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