What are the best exercises?

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What are the best exercises?

The best MS exercises are aerobic exercises, stretching, and progressive strength training.

Aerobic exercise is any activity that increases your heart rate, like walking, jogging, or swimming. You just don’t want to overdo it—it should be done at a moderate level. I tell patients to get to a level where you can talk but not sing—you’ll be breathing heavily and may be sweating. It is recommended you get in at least 150 minutes of total moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week.

Stretching is recommended for at least 10 minutes per day. It’s the best way to maintain your range of motion, and ease symptoms that are related to spasticity (muscle tightness or stiffness, or a lack of muscle control). Yoga or tai chi are great ways to get your stretching in.

Strength or resistance training helps you maintain and improve your muscle strength. You can use machines, weights, bands—just make sure to hit all the muscle groups. This should be done at least twice a week.

Also, take some time to warm up first. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing aerobic exercise, stretching, or strength training—before any workout, you should warm up. Try easy cycling or walking.

For someone with MS , exercise that's too aggressive can bring on severe fatigue and injury and exacerbate symptoms. Though regular aerobic exercise can increase strength and balance, improve bowel and bladder control, and decrease spasticity related to MS , it can backfire if you don't take a gentler approach.Additionally, the same serving size provides more than 20 different vitamins and minerals, including 50% of your daily needs for selenium, a mineral that may help reduce inflammation and promote heart health (1, 2Trusted Source).
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